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Tournament Rules

3 Man/5 Man

Divisions: Open/Novice/Rookie

SCORING:  Race to 2 match winners receive 5 points. If time runs out with no winner each team receives 1 point. Losing a Match 0 Points.In the case of a tie’s in match points, winner will be determined by 1st- Who won head to head play. 2nd-Total flag hangs 3rd- opponent flag hangs 4th-Counted live players at the end of each point.

FINALS:  Top 4 or 6 teams depending on the number of brackets from each division will advance. Semi finals if needed consist of a sudden death race to 2 to determine team in finals. Finals will be Race to 2, sudden death to determine 1st through 4th.)

MISC.: Do not knock over or climb on bunkers. No dead man walks. If all players are not present team may play short or forfeit. Eliminated players don’t talk (May Yell HIT once.) Players must be on the field at 10 second mark and must touch start box with Barrel before pointing downfield.


ELIMINATIONS: Player is hit (Marked with paint). Out of bounds, players must be aware of their whereabouts on the field. Out of bounds is considered an obvious easily verifiable elimination and will be penalized as such. Inappropriate Language after warning. Player signals elimination. Dead man walks. Faulty check out (with an unobvious hit).


Faulty Check out/Dirty hang – Automatic swing point  plus the faulty check out penalty which must be covered by live bodies or the next point team must start down necessary players to address penalty.

TWO FOR ONE: Playing on (with obvious hit)


SUSPENSION’S: Players will be suspended 1-6 games or expulsion,

ELEMINATION OF LAST PLAYER: This is match play so penalties may carry over to the next point until the end of the match. Any assessment of a 1 for 1 , 2 for 1, or 3 for 1 penalty where there are not enough live players left on the field will result in the opposing team being awarded the hang. Also, if the penalty is a 2 for 1 or greater and the team cannot fill the penalty, a max of 1 body in 3 man and 2 bodies in 5 man can be carried to the next point.

FORFITURE: In case of forfeiture, forfeiting team receives 0 points and the other team receives game point. If team drops out of an event after playing all games the team played will be stricken.

UNOBVIOUS = Hit in the back of pack

OBVIOUS (not easily verifiable) = not easily seen while wearing a mask by player or players teammate.

OBVIOUS: ALL OTHER HITS (front, back, leg, foot, marker, loader, arms, hands ect).

Division 1:  Novice:  Only D3 and under is allowed for 3 man roster.  1 D2  player is allowed on 5 man roster

Division 2: Rookie,  Any player who has not played above Rookie locally, no one ranked above D5.

Classification exception – any player my guest for a team in a higher division 1 tournament in a season without jeopardizing their current classification.

Roster limit: 5 Man – 7  / 3 Man – 4

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