Save 30 minutes at check in! Watch the orientation & fill out your digital waiver in advance!

Save 30 minutes at check in! Watch the orientation & fill out your digital waiver in advance!

Save 30 minutes at check in! Watch the orientation & fill out your digital waiver in advance!

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Scenario-Recreational Fields

The Scenario-Recreational Fields at Blitz Paintball are second to none in the entire Rocky Mountain Region!

The quality of an outdoor paintball fields structure and design can directly effect the quality of your experience.  Blitz paintball spared no expense to create the highest quality outdoor paintball fields in the entire region. This insures your paintball experience will be second to none! Please scroll through the photos of our 5 play zone:

Before tournaments, and competitive play, came recreational and scenario paintball. Recreational/scenario paintball is a large game of capture the flag, except all the participants are armed with a paintball marker. Or it can be a game with multiple objectives. Players of multiple skill levels all participate at the same time. Generally the teams are split to provide an even battle. Built structure fields like the Blitz have taken recreational paintball out of the woods. Paintball is perfect for a business get together, parties, or in lieu of other adult functions. Paintball builds teams, paintball builds camaraderie, paintball works.

Blitz Paintball feels that the game of Recreational Paintball is the core of all paintball growth, and as such, we are very interested in promoting general paintball play. Blitz offers built structure paintball facilities second to none in the region. Blitz offers 5 distinctive recreational play-zones; Hyperball, Spool field,Urban Combat, The Castle, Military Base.

Remember, The Blitz has separate parking and staging for tournament and rec players. So even if we are holding a tournament on the day you wish to come out, there is plenty of parking, staging and all the Rec. fields are open!!!

The Castle Field

This is a 2 story 70 foot by 100 foot castle, playable on both levels. It has an inner courtyard, a throne room and is surrounded by a 150 foot by 200 foot play zone. The flag station has 4 flags, red and blue plus a happy face and jolly roger giving a lot of game options. This field is located between the Urban and Military Base making it playable from both sides!!!!

Urban Combat

This field is as large as the entire old Blitz Rec Zones,  it has 6 large complex structures including the Diamond made from (4) 50 foot semi trailers, 4 flag stations, 18  shed structures and well over 200 bunkers.

Military Base “The Base”

Features a 40′ helicopter, a command post, Supply center, and Communication center.  7  flag stations. Also 2 Rocket launcher trucks you can play in, 2 troop transport trucks. 7 Artillery Guns you can play in and 9 machine gun nests.  Nuclear missile silos! With a massive amount of Camouflage barricade’s!!! Plus over a hundred other bunkers!!


The beginning of tournament speedball, the field is made from Plastic culvert pipe set to be even on both sides of the field of play. The Hyperball field is 30,000 square feet, and handles a large volume of players. This field has 68 total bunkers, including 14 stand up bunkers per side as well as 3 massive center 50 bunkers – the Diamond, Tie fighter and the Scorpion!!


This is a 5-10 player field that has giant spools and Hyperball style bunkers..

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