Blitz offers the finest Airsoft fields in Denver Colorado!! Try out your Airsoft Skills at Blitz, Just north of Denver!!

Airsoft is perfect for Birthday Parties, Bachelor and Bridal Parties, as well as team or company event!

Airsoft Prices:   Entry $15  Entry with BYO BB$ 25

Rental Includes: Airsoft equipment, Mask and Chest protector $20      

Bio Degradable BB's  1KG  .20  or .25  $19

You may bring you own BB's if they are Bio degradable and .20 or .25.

Airsoft is Walk on on the weekends so just come out and Play!  Rentals are first come first serve without a reservation. 

Reservation is required during the week.  you will need 5 or more players. You can make a reservation to play during our standard business hours Mon-Fri.


All our standard standard rules and safety rules apply with the following exceptions:

Airsoft equipment must be without BB's, magazine free, and in neutral as well as safety on and barrel blocking device on when in non – play zones.

Airsoft may chronograph up to 400 FPS for both .20 and .25 BB. Nothing past 400FPS allowed.

Larger BB's have a 1,5 joule limit

Most games 1 shot per pull of trigger.

Max rate of fire on special games 25 rps

Only Biodegradable BB’s Allowed..No exceptions. Violators will expelled from the Blitz.

Airsoft players Must wear fully sealing Eye protection that is also rated to stop paintballs since paintball games will be in progress in adjacent areas. (This includes many of higher quality tactical goggles, just be sure to ask the manufacturer) Also ears and mouth must be covered by either a Burka, wire mesh or or mask.

We have Biodegradable  BB’s for sale and Gas as well.

The Main play zones for Airsoft is the Maze.... a 18,000 sq. ft AstroTurf play zone  for Airsoft only,  and the Military compound

Book A Reservation



Book A Reservation

Please choose the reservation that you are looking for if your option isn't on this list and you need service then feel free to call us at 303-337-7109.

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50% off Entry

We have an email list called Blitz Blast. If you sign up you will receive a 50% off coupon for two players in your welcome email. No need to buy in advance just show up with the coupon and you are ready to go.

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