Walk-On Play

No Group?  Just want to show up and be included in games? Have a large group but its last minute or you don’t want to make a reservation?  No Problem!

Walk on play happens every Saturday and Sunday, plus Fridays in the Summer!  That means weather you are by yourself, have your kids, or with a group of 50, you can just show up and play!  You are always welcome at the Blitz!

Pricing - Effective January 1st 2017

We accept the following forms of payment:  cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Entrance Fees

Rental Fees:  (Rental includes mask, marker, tank, unlimited air, loader, (2) paint carrying pods and belt harness.)

Field Paint Fees

Air Fees

Accessory Rentals: Package any 1 or all 3 (Mask, Pod Belt, Chest protector) $6 HPA Tank $6

Group Packages:

5+ Person Group Packages  (5 or more people must buy 1 of the following packages, includes all day entrance, unlimited air)

10+ Person Group Packages (10 or more must each buy 1 of the following packages, includes all day entrance, unlimited air)

BYOP Fridays

BYOP $30 – Open play Fridays only ( Fridays from Memorial day – Labor Day “June-August”)  There is no BYOP at any other time!

BYOP  RULES = No oil based paints. You must use your own gun. You may not bring red or pink paint.  All BYOP paint must be tested at the front to insure proper break-ability, must not stain and must be a 100% PEG ball (No Oil based paints such as Stinger, Infinity and many other brands). This means most of the very cheap Paintballs you find in Box stores. Many of these paints are Vegetable/Fish oil and are not allowed at Blitz.

Book A Reservation


Book A Reservation

Please choose the reservation that you are looking for if your option isn't on this list and you need service then feel free to call us at 303-337-7109.

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50% off Entry

We have an email list called Blitz Blast. If you sign up you will receive a 50% off coupon for two players in your welcome email. No need to buy in advance just show up with the coupon and you are ready to go.

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