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Save 30 Minutes by watching orientation and filling out your waiver online!

You must watch the orientation before filling out your waiver.

The longest part of check in at a paintball field is filling out everyone’s waiver and going thru orientation. Do it now and get more play time when you come out to Play. You only need to fill them out once per season. They expire at Midnight December 31st!

After you are done watching the video above go here for the waiver. 

Please send this link to your friends so that they remember to watch the orientation and fill out a waive as well! (no one wants to wait around because someone

Book A Reservation



Book A Reservation

Please choose the reservation that you are looking for if your option isn't on this list and you need service then feel free to call us at 303-337-7109.

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50% off Entry

We have an email list called Blitz Blast. If you sign up you will receive a 50% off coupon for two players in your welcome email. No need to buy in advance just show up with the coupon and you are ready to go.


Team Building

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