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2019 Blitz Championship Series


Blitz Paintball and Colorado Blitz is proud to be sponsored Valken Sports!

Valken will continue its sponsorship support in 2017. Check out their vendor tent at the events, this year they will have event specials!!They will be helping with prizes and also be present by setting up a booth at the events!! Check them out!!

Blitz Paintball has worked hard and invested large sums of money to create the best tournament fields Colorado has EVER seen.

The Blitz Championship series has the best payouts around!!  Blitz prizes are often well over 200% of the total entries!! Simply put , at the Blitz a much higher percentage of the revenue goes back to the players!! The Blitz series is by far the best run tournaments and are played on the best tournament fields in the state. Plus the paint is much cheaper than most other events!! Blitz also offers the best sponsorship program for teams wanting to play local events. At the Blitz you get the best prizes, the best Fields, the best sponsorship program and the highest quality tournament experience!!

Novice D2 and Rookie D3 will have check in start promptly at 7:30 am and Captains meeting at 8:00 sharp with games starting right after.  Open Class D1 will have check in start at 11:30 and captains meeting at 12:30. Open will take the field as soon as  Novice and Rookie finishes their finals.

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2019 B.C.S. Event dates

Luckily this year there are some feasible reschedule dated that don’t interfere with NXL or WCCPL if weather interferes.

Unfortunately , we were unable to create a overarching rules and point system to score all Colorado events.   We hope eventually there will be events running from October to March to attend making Colorado have no “Official” off season. To make this happen, Blitz recommends that you attend these events when thrown so that it is worthwhile to the fields to operate these dates.

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