Looking for a fun way to motivate or connect your team? Choose Denver – the Mile High city and the capital of Colorado – for some of the best team-building activities.

With an ever-growing cultural and arts scene, breathtaking mountain sceneries, and average 300-sunny-days per year, you can do a range of team-building outings in Denver, Colorado, to make memories meant to last forever.

So, instead of taking your crew to a conventional happy hour, consider the following ideas that will motivate, excite, and create a strong bond among colleagues:

1. Blitz Paintball

If you’re planning a company or team-building event in Denver, look no further than Blitz Paintball! It provides excellent opportunities for groups looking to foster cooperation and camaraderie. Paintball is a competitive shooting activity that involves two teams competing to eliminate the opposing team using paint-filled ammunition.

Paintball pushes players to collaborate in a sink or swim environment to attain the ultimate objective, i.e., victory.

2. Archery Games Denver

Unlike Robin Hood, Archery Games’ arrows have foamy tips, making them ideal for archery dodgeball. Visit Archery Games Denver with your team, where up to 70 players can play various games with arrows and bows.

Event coordinators will guide your team members through different activities. Afterward, you can eat; you can also choose their caterers for the meal at an indoor area near the arena.

They serve wine and beer onsite, making it a perfect go-to team-building place. After all, your team deserves a good feast after the game.

3. Delicious Denver Food Tours

Does your team like trying different cuisines? Rather than taking them to a single restaurant, why not taste food from some of the best restaurants in a curated food experience?

Delicious Denver Food Tours provides one of Denver’s best private drink and food tours. They create memorable and fun bonding events highlighting the most delicious Denver bites.

Believe it or not, it’s the best way to reward team members, network with customers, or celebrate victory.

4. Denver Microbrew Tour

After California, Colorado hosts some of America’s best and most tasty craft beer. So, book a brewery tour rather than choosing just one brewery café to visit for your team’s outing!

Denver Microbrew Tour provides locals and guests with award-winning, palatable craft beer throughout the downtown. Every brewery tour offers tastings of more than ten mouth-watering brews. What more could you ask for!

These tours are perfect if you want to explore the local neighborhood and have delicious craft beer.

For more tips and ideas about team-building activities near Denver, check out Archery Games Denver’s article The Best Locations in Denver for Team Building Activities.