Tournament Paintball Fields

600178_464706586936471_982000480_nBlitz Paintball in Colorado is the home of some of the best outdoor Tournament Paintball Fields in the world. Blitz has 2 world class tournament airball fields. The play zones were professionally leveled. The PSP  and APL fields are both fully coverd by true outdoor sports turf of the best grade! The tournament fields are also kept current to the PSP and APL in both bunker upgrades as well as overall layout for the upcoming events. In addition, each field has their own private pits, coaching lines and high pressure air, and chrono stations. The bunkers are washed after every use keeping the super clean and the fields are raked weekly.



Here are some of the highlights of Blitz Paintball’s outdoor paintball fields designed for tournament play:

  • Professionally leveled
  • Artificial grass was installed and secured, not just laid in so you will not catch an edge as recommended by professional installers
  • Artificial grass is fully rubberized with a 2″ base and brushed (splits the blades into smaller more grass like nap), it is truly one of the finest play surfaces on earth.
  • 2 high quality 20×20 pits per field with their own chronograph stations and HP air
  • Potable water available in the tournament area.
  • Its own gravel parking lot
  • the entire tournament area is a mud free zone
  • Super clean washed bunkers and raked fields
  • 4,800 sq ft of metal roofed staging and picnic tables

A word about Turf – Turf is supposed to have a infill, otherwise the nap lays over and it becomes incredibly slick. Almost all paintball fields that have turf, lay in turf only – which is good, but only part of a install. The turf at the Blitz is a fully rubberized and brushed outdoor sports turf!  It has a 2.25 nap with a 2″ rubber infill. It is the same turf that many college and Pro level football players play on. It has nearly 2 times the rubber of most high school and many college installs. It plays more like grass than any other type of install. This gives the player one of the best all weather play surfaces in the world!

* Please Note*

# No Cleats are allowed on our astro-turfed playing fields!

# Airball Fields are damaged if played on during cold weather. They are closed during the winter months (approx. mid November – early March)


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Mile High Island : 3 man Tournament Video at Blitz




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