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Blitz Paintball has a great sponsorship program for teams that wish to play in our series. We understand the amount of practice it takes to be a top notch team can be costly. So we offer this program to help with the cost, which allows teams to practice more. This Program helps save $20 to $33 per practice. Its simple, play in our series and do your part promoting your sponsor and receive super cheap practice on  astro-turfed, regulation tournament fields. By far, the highest quality tournament air ball fields in the region and arguably one of the finest in the world.

Sponsorship’s are available for Novice and Open lines only. Sponsorship’s are designed to only kick in after a season has been played to show the team is serious about the amount of time they play and practice. Rookie division is no longer to have experienced players and they are only allowed rookie for their 1st season so they do not qualify for sponsorship. They qualify once they have played a season and turned Novice.

Also, Open and Novice sponsorship’s are not automatic. Any team or player should have at least 1 season of B.C.S event experience to be considered for sponsorship so Blitz may evaluate your dedication and see if you will uphold your requirements. A faster way to sponsorship is if a current captain of a sponsored Open or Novice team puts you on their roster.

Exceptions can be made for the formation of serious Novice and Open teams from experienced and known players who meet our qualifications.

Sponsorship must be renewed yearly and the following is required when applying or renewing. A Manilla file containing the following papers:

1.Roster page starting with Team Name, division Team captain’s name and contact information (This is the only person able to make roster changes.) Then  A list of each player enjoying sponsorship with the team. Limit 7 per application/renewal.

2. A page detailing the obligations being met. I.E. Statement of intent to play the events, Name of team members with Stickers on Car. Web site or facebook page/blog and proof of links to Blitz as a sponsor and promotion for all of your sponsors. Copy of reviews written plus site/date. Where does team have logo (Jersey, gear and so forth)

Waivers fully filled out for each individual sponsored player.

Once managers have confirmed you have fulfilled your obligations you you will be eligible for sponsorship.

Team obligations:

1. Team MUST play  in ALL Blitz Championship series events while sponsored. ( Prices will be valid until team does not meet its obligations. If you miss an event you no longer qualify for sponsored prices.)

2. Team members MUST have Blitz logo on one or more of the following- Marker/ Jersey

3. At least 2 team members must have the Blitz Logo on their Car

4. Team will conduct itself in an ethical manner.

5. Sponsorship is a form of advertising. If the team has a Facebook page, website, or Blog Blitz must be clearly listed as sponsor and a link to www.blitzpaintball.net must be present. Wright at least two high quality and honest reviews per year sponsored on Google+, Yahoo, Bing, or Yelp (only if you have a current yelp account with several reviews written already, do not create a new yelp account and review us as it will not show up).  Also help with advertising and branding for all your sponsors on you pages.

7. Teams must submit their players names and all sponsored team members must have a current Blitz team membership ID.

8. Team’s understand that by receiving a discount you are being subsidized in your play and how you represent yourself matters.  You will help out when needed! If you do not represent yourself or Blitz well or are unwilling to help when needed you will lose your sponsorship.

9. Roster limit: 5 Man – 7

Team will receive.

1. $55 for entry, HPA and 1 case Tax included.  (A $22 savings) A sponsored entry must buy 1 case Min. No BYOP.  Paint Sponsorship is good for practice on Airball fields only.

2. $40 for 1 additional case Tax included. (A extra $13 savings) you may not purchase more than 2  case per visit at the sponsored rate.

3. Paint Upgrade for $5 Mid (New World) $10 High (Graffiti), $15 Ultra-High (Redemption Pro)

4. Price Breakdown  Entry: $7.77 + Tax=$8 , ADA $7,  Paint 37.77 plus Tax= $40

5. Sponsorship prices not valid in conjunction with any special, coupon, Groupon, special, discounted gift certificate or any other form of  discounted promotion. Also, they are not available during special event’s!


The major reason that Companies sponsors players is to increase brand exposure and advertise.

This has been forgotten in Paintball, partly because the way we advertise, as companies, has changed. We are going after exposure to new players not just tournament players. The BEST way a team can help its sponsors is by exposing new players to their product.  Please complete the check list below to fulfill your  sponsorship obligations, print WebPages and reviews to show they were accomplished..

o   Have Blitz stickers on either the Paintball Gear or Car (preferably the car) of every sponsored player. They are available for free in the retail center.

o   List your Sponsors, including Blitz, on your Website, Blog, and/or Facebook page and have a clear link to their websites for as long as you are sponsored.

o   Have at least 2 team members on a 5 man and 1 team member on a 3 man write a high quality and honest review preferably on Google+.  Yahoo, Yelp and Bing and other sites also qualify.

o   Print reviews and links, staple to this form and bring back to the Blitz to file with your team roster.

o   Will play in all Blitz Championship events, and will try to participate in other Colorado events whenever possible.


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