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Blitz Paintball Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can someone else sign the waiver for my child ?

A. No , all children must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. Please insure you download the waiver and sign in advance if you are not going to accompany your child.

Q. I don’t quite understand the pricing. How much is it to bring a group of kids out?

A. If you have over 5 players you can get entry for all day, standard rental set including unlimited air and 250 paintballs each for $36 each. If you choose 500 paintballs each it is $42.00 each.

Q. How long does 500 paintballs last?

A. This is a difficult question. We have seen players make it last 8 hours. We have also seen players shoot it all in 30 minutes. The answer is individual to the player, but in most cases 500 rounds should last 2.5 to 4 hours.

Q. Is there areas where we can sit down to eat or have a birthday cake?

A. Blitz has over 11000 sq ft of Carports with tables and chairs or picnic tables.

Q. What if you are holding a tournament?

A.  The Blitz has separate parking and staging for tournament and rec players.  So even if we are holding a tournament on the day you wish to come out, there is plenty of parking, staging and all the Rec. fields are open!!!

Q. Do you organize games?

A. Yes, at Blitz there are 7 play areas including 3 that can be played together. We constantly organize fun and different scenario style games. However, you are also allowed to create your own games to play in any of the play zones as long as you follow the safety rules.

Q. Do paintballs stain?

A. Most paintballs, including the brand sold at the Blitz, are water soluble and wash out of clothing.

Q. What should we wear?

A. We recommend long sleeve shirts, and jeans or work pants. Durable and comfortable shoes or boots, a baseball hat or beanie, and tight fitting gloves (like mechanic gloves). Pick clothes you don’t mind getting dirty like work clothes. Be careful not to dress to warm or overdress. Paintball is an energetic activity and overheating can be a concern.

Q. How old do you have to be to play?

A. You have to be at least 10 years old.

Q. Can I Watch?

A. Yes. First, all people who remain on the premises must sign a waiver. Then you may watch any field. All play zones are sourounded by 20 foot net and all can be viewed by spectators.. However, spectators are not allowed in actual play zones.

Q. Can children under 10 watch?

A. Yes, children under 10 can have a waiver by their parent or guardian and remain in the main staging area where they can view the tournament fields. They must be under the constant supervision of a parent or guardian. Yet, we do not recommend this. Young children could easily gain access to someone’s unattended equipment and become a danger to themselves and others.

Q. Does getting hit with a paintball hurt?

A. Yes, although at a reasonable distance you hardly notice it. The closer you get the more it stings. Yet, it is so much fun no one seems to care and we have hundreds of players each week, including women and 10 year olds, who come back to do it again!

Q. What is the difference between high pressure air and CO2?

A. CO2 is a liquid that expands into a gas to power paintball markers. High pressure air is compressed air and must only be filled into a specialized high pressure tank and regulator.

Q. How safe is it?

A. Statistically, paintball has a lower injury rate per participant than nearly all other “athletic” sports or activities. However there is an inherent risk. If you are uncomfortable we suggest you familiarize yourself with the facts about the sport and its risks, and decide whether paintball is right for you. Blitz Paintball gives players a safety briefing. We are very strict on enforcing the rules, and we have refs stationed throughout the play areas to help insure safe play. But be advised this does not eliminate the inherent risk.


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